Tuesday, September 14, 2021

How I Keep Myself In-Check Each Week

It goes without saying that despite EVERYTHING, READING will ALWAYS be somewhere on my agenda.  Including book shopping.  Book shopping is therapy.  Book shopping is good.  Yes, very good for the soul.

Anyway, HAPPY TUESDAY!  Well wishes on everyone getting what they need to get done, DONE!

Thursday, September 9, 2021

Baby Girl, AKA Aaliyah

Where were you when you heard about what happened to Aaliyah?

That's the question many fans of hers share; thus, most certainly me included.  I remember my first hearing of her death clearly.  I was in one of those MSN chat rooms at the time that very night the incident happened.  Someone came in and blazed the news: Aaliyah was dead.  I couldn't believe it and, since I was already online, immediately jumped into investigator mode only to find that it was true.  And, yes, I was hurt.  I remember having this odd fascination with her age (twenty-two) and how I couldn't imagine what twenty-two would look like while I stood dazed at age eighteen. And I wondered, would I make it to twenty-two one day if something like this could happen to someone as fascinating and talented as Aaliyah?

Aaliyah to Me

Nevertheless, the convulsive notion was how her death emphasized how fleeting, cruel, and unfair the mortal existence was.  Though I’m hardly one to go into deep existential thoughts, her sudden death truly troubled me.  I had been listening to her since her first album.  Memories upon memories of her music stacked up against moments upon moments of my adolescent and teenage years.  I had just gotten her third album, Aaliyah, the month before her death, which was released that July.  And to this day, it remains an album that stapled a life-changing and transitional summer (other than being my favorite album of hers) for me.  Heck, the first single off the album, "We Need a Resolution" came out that April. And it's a song that tied my final days as a high school student as my signature song when I reflect on those days.

Monday, September 6, 2021

China Bayles is BACK!


This BABY came in a day early today!  China Bayles is back, after her 2019 lukewarm #27 investigation in A Plain Vanilla Murder.  Nevertheless, I have a good feeling about Hemlock.  Every fifth or so book, Albert takes China out of her home in Pecan Springs and place her in another locale for a mix of crime and history.  So I have a lot of faith in Hemlock picking up the ball where the last entry dropped it (completely).  Anyway, my ride-or-die spirit will always see what's up with China, so here's to a solid start to my week. 

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