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Friday, June 5, 2015

Let's Play The Evil Within - The Consequence

The is the last portion of The Evil Within’s Juli Kidman’s DLC.  It’s all over at this point.  Her tie with MOBIUS has come to an end after she decides to turn against them for the protection of her partners and her retrieval assignment, Lesley.  Watch me replay and finally conclude (although it’s a replay) her story.  Additionally, finally squash the monster Shade.  I’m going to miss my time with Juli.  I really, really enjoyed our time!  Even those stressful moments!

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Let's Play: The Evil Within ~ The Assignment

I’m always hyped and down for a strong female lead in any form of media. So without a doubt, one of the best sources of such is in video games. That’s why I’m really loving The Evil Within’s Juli Kidman, and is extra pleased that she has received two DLC (downloadable content) packages to further her character, as well as the core game's story.

Now I don’t want to get into talking about The Evil Within too much. My brief history is that I finally played the game back in December (picked it up in a Redbox first) and thought it was awesome. Except for a handful of technical and story flaws, it was a thrilling entry in the survivor horror genre. I found myself so wrapped in it that I felt that teenage nostalgia series like Resident Evil and Silent Hill built in me. When I upgraded to a PS4 in February, I decided to get The Evil Within again (there’s nothing really out there to play anyway). So I enjoyed the game a second time. Whether it’s surviving zombie hordes, upgrading for bigger battles, or collecting trophies, The Evil Within remains an unforgettable experience. And that’s how I like my games. I need plenty to go after and strong replay value.

As for the newly release DLC, we switch from the core game’s protagonist, Sebastian, and step into his “partner” Kidman. And she is a treat, stomping around with a hostler and stilettos within gameplay that damn near switches completely away from the core game's methods of survival.  Juli operates off stealth and a flashlight.  She's disarmed for most of her scenarios–while finding herself hunted by one of the most macabre game development creatures ever.  And said creature sends my blood pressure through the roof throughout each encounter.  Which only means I'm enjoying myself.  Still, seeing how one-sided Juli appeared as a character within the core story, her four-chapter package shines a light on how she should be recognized as not only a dynamic character, but also a viable hero to The Evil Within.  Honestly, alone, the revelation concerning her background and how she got into her current situation should breed some kind of sympathy for her. 

I knew there was something more too Juli from the jump.  I remember at her appearance in the opening sequence of the core game how I immediately blurted I'd prefer playing as her.  Her DLC package will do, though.  Here it is with the first part of her chapter, The Assignment. On to my replay of the experience…

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