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Saturday, July 9, 2016

Surprising Spreadshirt Design Sale

Funny surprises around every corner.  I just wanted to share this Spreadshirt related post to remind those who partake in its use to never give up.  And to also remind one another that anything can happen, so don’t underestimate your designs and products.
It’s really interesting; I recently sold this particular design on Spreadshirt’s marketplace–times two.  I say “interesting” because I dislike the design out of all available.  And, literally, pulled it up from scratch just to find another means to fit the theme of my Kdrama/K-Pop store.  I weighted and weighted whether to keep the design, and just left it alone.
And here it is the one sold first off the marketplace–twice.

You just never know.  Which is why I always suggest those starting a Spreadshirt store to try different things out.  Even the most ludicrous (but tasteful) ideas deserve a go.  You just never, never know.  I'm beyond grateful for the surprises.
Any surprising Spreadshirt stores you want to inspire others with?  Please share the details below.

Thursday, June 9, 2016


Thursday, May 26, 2016

Using Canva to Create the Perfect Spreadshirt Banner Size

Okay.  So to save someone the trouble, I present to you how to create the perfect size Spreadshirt banner.  And it's all done via the online creation tool, Canva.  This is for those who want a nice banner that stretches properly over their web shop.  And not so much sitting above the fold as a box surrounded by negative space.  (Anyone else hates that?)

First.  Get into your Canva account.  Duh, right? Anyway, in the top right-hand corner is the option of creating your own dimensions.  You want that, as opposed to using the templates Canva has already prepared.  Naturally, you’ll need to input the right width and height.  Go for 1280 x 343 in pixel size.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

*A Few Spreadshirt Starter Shop Tips 4 U* (Video)


1.  Fill out ALL information on your Design and Products.  That would include name, description, commissions, and tags!  Fill as much as possible!  Stretch those tags OUT!  Believe me, tags bring traffic.  You may not sell right away, but you'll at least be getting traffic.

2.  Making T-shirts?  Use the most economical shirts ($6.50).  The more designs you add, the more the price of your shop's products increase.  Add on design and shop commissions, and you may be asking for too much early on.  Let your prices grow as your shop grows.

3.  Utilized Spreadshirt's header tool.  Let your store stand out with a nice, attractive header.  And most certainly apply Spreadshirt's advertisement banner tool.  When Spreadshirt presents a coupon, your shoppers will see that opportunity first!  

Saturday, June 27, 2015

+ SpreadShirt Unbagging + (VIDEO)

What's up Comic Towel friends and visitors.  Time to share my very first Spreadshirt purchase–directly from my Spreadshirt shop.  I hope you guys enjoy.  Please comment and share.  Don't forget to post and share your own stories and dream-seeking progressions.  Lol.  You get what I mean!

Take care!

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