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Saturday, May 9, 2020

New Society6 Journal/Notebook/Whatever

Yay!  I got my new journal/notebook/whatever from my Society6 Store today.  And, needless to say, I LOVE it.  Journals like these are the reason I started all this eight years ago–in the first place.  I was tired of searching for new journals to write in.  Only to find those journals featuring wildflowers, cats, puppies, and landscapes.  I wanted something featuring something of my own.  I guess I managed to make that happen!  

Anyway, this is called the "Ain't that Mellow Mellow, Jeremi" journal.  The name is from a song featured on the 1974 Foxy Brown score produced by Willie Hutch.  Yellow.  Mellow.  Get it?

Anyway, this is a side-by-side of my retiring Zazzle journal (I bought in 2016) with my new Society6 one.  As you can see the Zazzle is spiral-bound (larger as well), whereas the Society6 one isn't.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

2017 Zazzle Calendar!

Updating the Zazzle store with 2017 Wall Calendars.  I created and bought one last year and love it!  So, I decided to do it again for 2017 and share it with everyone.  Here’s a link straight to the calendar on Zazzle!  Check it out!

Monday, May 2, 2016

Getting the Hang of Zazzle

I’ve been going up the wall lately on optimizing a controlled and organized Zazzle store.  Before products were arranged in any and all kinds of order.  This left visitors scrambling all over the store.  Which isn't good!  Even I came frustrated with the disarray I’d created.  Added to my organizing, I’ve also been reviving the color of my original uploads from 2012.  A few color correcting techniques in the drawing process have stepped up since 2012.  So the difference from then and now were a little too noticeable for me to ignore.  
I wouldn’t call it grueling, but I’ve been up until like 4am all weekend redoing all my previous faults.  I think we've all been there, where it's late but we tell ourselves just one more action before we sleep.  Then one action leads to ten.  
So here are a few of my considerations to optimizing a fresh Zazzle store.

Saturday, March 26, 2016

The Girl Who Channeled 80's Branigan

Oh what an interestingly long break I took from actually drawing a cartoon.  Ridiculously long, rather.  Actually, chalk my inactivity up to laziness.  But I’m back in form.  Spurred by my new found freedom to do what I want to do with my immediate time.  (We’ll save that story for another day.)  I’ve been sitting on this no-body character for months, before I lit a fire to do something with it.  Lots of sketching, erasing, playing around with different poses took place.  Soon I got to this selfie-taking, disco-spinning point.  My original inspiration was this picture of singer Laura Branigan.  I’m a huge fan of this long-gone and underappreciated singer from the 80s and early 90s.  So, spinning through her records (well MP3 files), I searched for a picture of her to embody in my own cartoons.  And I liked this one.  So I got started, took that long no-drawing break I mentioned, and never actually broke through to my inspired thought.  Except for sketching the tousled hair, I abandoned the drawing.  I had a hard time getting her body down.  Then again, I’m not great at bodies.  But I gave it a good go...

The pencil and sketching part is where I usually spend most of my time–and expelling frustrations.  As mentioned, lots of erasing, redrawing, and standing before a mirror to calculate proportions.  Which is beyond my skill as far as I’m concerned.  But I love a good challenge.  Good or bad, sometimes I just brush my frustrations aside and just go for it.  I’ve long stopped battling drawing insecurities.  Really, you have to close the lid on it after a point.  Or you’ll never get anything done while stuck in the process.  I’ve mentioned this before, but your love for the craft will always be inside searching for another opportunity.  Another burst of inspiration to express.  So if you find yourself battling with insecurities about your skills, ignore it.  Draw anyway.  Go for it.  And give your next effort your best.  And the one after that.  And after that.  And so forth and so on.

I never really have a direction once I get pass the sketching phase–color and material wise.  I don’t know which character speaks to me.  Meaning, what hair/eye color I’ll need.  As well as who fits what I kinda-sorta have in mind to convey the drawing (as well as which personality fits).  I love combining crafting materials with drawings–with is apparent to those familiar with this blog.  But something about this glittery sheet called me.  I bought it two years ago, and I suppose for a occasion such as this.  Seeing how the imagine draws inspiration by Brangian, it makes a fantastic 80’s disco-jammy top.  The tousled hair from performing and the endorphin-heavy selfie to boot!  

Notice I gave her bottom eyelids some sharpness ala Diana Ross's album cover for Surrender.  Not too much, but just a touch.  (Hair was a bright, canary yellow watercolor.  Shading done with "Baked Clay" Copic Marker.) 

Speaking of Diana Ross, before I get into the next step I decided the character would be my girl, Towel.  (My original baby.)  They’re cartoons, so I give them any kind of name.  With that said, a lot of people who’ve asked me about her thinks she’s a tanned white girl.  The truth is actually the opposite.  She’s black, having dyed her hair (her cousin Brooklyn’s idea.)  I’m not into conventions and traditions when it regards appearances.  I love individuality and differences.  Things that aren't suppose to fit.  Besides, Beyonce and Tamar has done the same with their heads.  Now I'll proceed forward speaking on the usual, triple-layer gradient effect for her brown eyes.  I didn’t use a blending pencil this time.  
Per normal, I kind of struggled with chalk pastels when it came to nailing her complexion.  I used a clay and a peachy blend–which is the safest balance for her tone.  Balance is necessary; the darker the complexion, the less you can get away with blotchiness.  And my drawings come LOADED with missteps.  As seen.  I would later have to go over her complexion with another round of pastels to even everything out.  
I did her hair different this time.  Instead of using a chalk pastel one tone up from the yellow base coating, I used a tan.  (Carved the simple shirt outline out.)

I’ve had one bottle of craft’s glue since 2001!  And when I went to glue the glittery sheet behind the board, nothing came out the bottle.  No more glue.  Which was a good thing because it would’ve been a pain.  So I just taped the sheet down, which was a pain as well because my tape is so old it breaks as I peel.  And to think, I left Michael’s last Saturday knowing I needed more than what I left with.
I added the third layer to her hair through a blend of three color pencils.  Well, four counting the black I used to fill her roots.  But I had concerns during the process.  One: her hair was tousled and uneven.  I didn’t know whether to regret it or fix it by adding more to her right side.  Eventually, I said forget it.  Perfection sucks and the story is she just left a performance where she was serving all kinds of vocal tease.  Two: I couldn’t find its movement and flow as I added more streaks.  So I did what I could.  As for her cell phone: black marker for the back and a silver color pencil for the boarder.  I knew I would embellish it later.  A nice shade a pink filled her nails and lips.

Now, I got to remember what I added to this part of the process.  OH!  The background.  I thought about a black background with a light effect via chalk pastels.  I thought about adding another scrapbook sheet.  Then, which happens often, I thought about how much I wanted to keep working on her instead.  So I just painted it canary yellow and used pink chalk pastels to give her a iridescence that’s not so.  To give her outfit form, I used a black marker to show the curve and folds.  Then realize another round of disproportions and said “F” it and kept going.  Telling you guys, you gotta just keep going.

The embellishing part is my favorite.  I don’t know if I mentioned this before, but I once had an art teacher tell me to stop adding stuff to any of my drawings.  I told him I’ll do what I please.  I'll make mistakes and change my mind accordingly.  If possible.  In this case, I pulled those black chalk stickers off.  It just… didn’t really work.  I wanted to use them, but found it unnecessary for this particular drawing.  Yet, I left the bejeweled necklace and earrings (all my girls have to wear jewelry).  Of course, I added some to the back of her phone as well.

Okay.  Okay.  Okay.  The not-so final product.  Or almost.  There’s so much I have to say about how I got here.  Changes and all.  So I’ll bullet point them for my own organization of thought.
1.       My scanner only scans so much.  That’s right.  This was as much as I could capture.  I’ve had the scanner for years and just never upgraded.  You know, money and all.  But, fact is, I like it.  I’m all about face in the drawings, so I served.  I had to choose between showing her hair or the cell phone more.  Obviously I picked hair!  As I live for a girl with locks and flow.  
Now I tried to take the image on my phone (like the ones I shown of the process) and work from there.  Yet, it didn’t turn out how I liked so I stuck with the scanned image.  Until I can upgrade, I just have to use this.  I lost a lot of the story, but still gave face.
2.      As always, I revived its color in its digital format.  Also, as mentioned, I went back and added more to her complexion.  My first blending wasn’t that great in the original digital image.
3.      I darkened her outline on the computer.  I kept looking at the image knowing something was getting lost in digital translation.  It was her outline for sure.  I may continue to add this step to the process of future drawings.  Add digital gloss to lips/nail/phone and brightened up the eyes more.  Computer work is out of my field, but I use it for the smaller things.  Convenience.
4.      I didn’t clean up the areas where I removed the stickers.  We’ll claim "added style" as the results.
I believe that’s it.  What do you guys think?  I was up and down about it for various reasons.  Part of it consisting of insecurities speaking.  But then I looked.  And looked.  And realized I loved the pronounced dark outline and the way I blended her hair.  She looks like a Barbie doll.  And her shirt makes me want a strawberry crisp popsicle.  Later down the line I'll look into making changes. 

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Blog Haul: Saturday's LIFE & DRAWING

needed Saturday.  I needed that time with my cousin and her daughter.  Driving around town with some generally nice (a touch breezy), sunny March weather to lead us.  For me, spending a Saturday out and about is one of my favorite ways to appreciate this day of the week.  As a kid, that's just what we did.  J. C. Penny's, the mall, Wal-Mart, bookstores, and eating out all took place on Saturdays.  From late mornings until early evenings.  And after breaking out of winter and into spring, I was up for it.  

Yet I needed this past Saturday for a specific reason.  The truth is I suffered an anxiety attack Thursday afternoon at work.  You see, I think I finally hit a wall in that place.  A heavy, soul-sucking, and burdensome wall at that.  There's nothing pretty about feeling caged in for three years until you find yourself holding two choices: unsheathe your claws or make a run for it.  I did a balance of both.  And it was frightening for me to be so out of control of myself physically and mentally.  And all the sweet but low key narrow-minded platitudes from others who've never been in my position don't mean a thing.  Matter-of-fact, I'm tired of being around people who subscribe to systems over their own inner compasses.  But I digress.  Maybe I’ll write more about the incident later–outside of my journal that is. 
I want to share Saturday’s haul with the Comic Towel readers.  To just talk about a few of the things I got to fill the “LIFE” tag to my blog, as well as the “DRAWING” tag.
LIFE: Metaphysics to the Rescue

The day started when I asked my cousin if she wanted to visit the metaphysical gift shop, The Dream Maker, with me.  A month ago my powdered incense caught her interest, so I invited her to come along with me when I went to get more.
I ran out of Anna Riva's incense powder Thursday, after using my last to get myself together post that disastrous work shift.  I’d already made up my mind that I wanted to grab some new powder anyway, so the timing was right.  Metaphysically, I can’t give an exact answer on the powder's effectiveness.  However, the smell (and the placebo influence) is fine with me.  It’s all about charging a positive environment and mindset.
This time I got the green powder for Horn of Plenty.  According to the Wiki, the definition of this familiar phrase is: Cornucopia, a symbolic, hollow horn filled with the inexhaustible gifts of celebratory fruits.”  So I see this powder as a catch-all tool for generating plenty wherever your focus lie.  Yet, seeing how green is a color representative of money and abundance, the obvious intentions are truth.  It has a low, musty but citrus scent to it.  The other powder is red, a color with a multitude of spiritual and metaphysical meanings.  Still, in the case of this bottle of powdered incense, it represents attraction.  Nothing specific to its aim, or focus.  Still, like many things in metaphysics, you’re open to apply your own intentions.
Doing a little research on the powders beforehand, I came across a book written Anna Riva.  It’s call Power in the Palms.  I don’t have the book, but from what I’ve researched online, it does mention the use of candles in our prayers.  So I bought the appropriate candles with the addition of a small pink one.  (Could that be for attracting love?)  I’ll get into praying the Psalms at another time.  Just know it’s a fascinating discovery that I plan on utilizing in the future.
That’s all I got this time at The Dream Maker.  For once, I didn't spend over $20.  Which is easy to do in this place.
DRAWING: Crafts Please Take Control
All you crafty and art people out there, ever find yourself in a creative funk that lasted months?  What do you do to re-energize your lust for the creative?  If you’re like me you go to Michael’s or Hobby Lobby to load up on inspiration, tools, and ideas.  And even further, you tackle the clearance section for some crafting deals.  Which is what I did with these items I got from Michael's.  
My brain going into creative overload, I grabbed these Jolee’s Boutique breaker and test tube stickers.  Captivated by the glittery colors, I knew I could think of something to use them for in the future.  So I grabbed this pack quick, led by the $1.79 clearance sticker.  I also got these black chalk tiles for 79. a pack.  Stirred by another idea for their use.  Last, I snagged these letter crafting beads.  Which, if I was thinking, I should've grabbed craft glue to go along with them.  I believe I'm almost out of my 10+ year old bottle.  Anyway, a little mini haul at Michael's is just what I needed to bring me back to me just a little more.  Some do therapeutic shopping through clothes, I beeline for the art stuff!
She's in Progress
I’ve been working on this character for a month or two (of course see image on your right-hand side).  I guess I'm lazy about taking my time to give her more shape and direction.  My hopes is that some of these recent crafting goods will get my juices flowing so that I can finish her up.  I remember I used to nail myself down to draw something every day.  God willing–with everything I’ve gotten over the weekend–I hope to find myself back in the drawing mood.  Hopefully, more often so that I can flush out my ideas routinely.  And in a way that only allows peace and tranquility to fill my voids.  There's a certain catharsis I get from watching colorful characters come to life.  And with all that's been happening in my immediate surroundings, I owe myself a session.  Or two.  Or three.  Or infinitely!
Let go and let God...
Anyway, a small little weekend haul I wanted to share.  How do you go about rejoicing and honoring your spirit and creativity?  Share your thoughts below!

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Scratchy Doodles From the 9-5

 Well, I had every intention of doing another drawing project before the end of the year.  Unfortunately, I never gave myself the right time to get my ass in order to actually make it happen.  But I have to share one more set of drawings before the year ends.  And here lies my sketchy doodles.  Since I loathe my 9-5, this is what I do to relax myself in its chaotic and mind-numbing soul-sucking environment.  Here's to more projects in 2016.  And hopefully, a little less doodles. 

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

"Manga" Flavia ~ The Girl Who Dreamed of Sailor Neptune & Alan Bradley

We got another one!  Finally, after spending the summer away from the drawing board, I picked up my pen and paper and got to work.  The idea was just sketch something out.  Sometime simple.  Something clean.  Just anything to get the drawing juices flowing.  Gathering my supplies, I decided to include some extra equipment.  That would be my camera and my lamp.  And this is where I ended up...



Monday, February 2, 2015

Unbagged: Zazzle iPhone Speaker

What's up, guys!  I'm doing video after video it seems.  Here I do an unbagging of another Zazzle item I recently acquired out of my Zazzle store.  It's my way of sharing to others what these items are like once received as well as trying them out for myself.  And I really needed a new speaker!


The product details per Zazzle's site are as follows:

Dimensions: 2.375"L x 4.5"W x 0.75"D; 3.5 ounces
Powered by 2 AAA batteries and USB cord (included)
Works with ANY standard 3.5 mm. headphone jack audio product
Designer Tip: To ensure the highest quality print, please note this product’s customizable design area measures 2.3" x 4.4". For best results please add 1/10"

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

The Guy Who Almost Faded And Why

I know the filtering and all is wonked out and faded, but I had to make it a little creative and interesting. The reason I post this drawing is because I don't know what to do with it. I've been stuck on it for weeks, slowly progressing until I just… well… stopped. The idea was to give him one of those super big faux fur hoodies, and then I kind of fiddle along and erased everything. I still am keeping that idea, though. Hopefully, I can pull it off. Part of me also wants to open up his face and jaw line, but part of me wants to leave it as it is. I'm not hardcore determined when it comes to proportions and angles.  I'm more into the reasonable, danity and dramatic looks.  Nonetheless, I kind of just draw and let the drawing and coloring come out.  Either I like the results, or I don’t. So I'm led to believe that I have something here, if only I can execute that fur hoodie like I so, so want to express as it regards the current season. 

I just wanted to share my current frustrations. I'm hoping I'll get this guy together soon. He seems like a babe, but not in an overly masculine way.  Then again, none of my drawings would be touted as "masculine".

True to Form Distractions

So yeah.  Playing the video game The Evil Within does absolutely nothing regarding my progress of the drawing.  There's no nutshell way to put this game other than how it's the story of a police officer finding himself in this crazy, sadistic world filled with zombies and chainsaw men.  One of the founding creators of the Resident Evil series is behind The Evil Within–should that be a blip to my nutshell explanation of this game.  I originally pulled the game out of a Redbox in town, curious by the reviews and ready for a little hands-on experience.  That experience lead to a full purchase.  This game is stressful and sick.  Just like I like my survival horror.  It would be even better if I could play the female character.  Y'all know how I roll.  (A woman surviving with a gun is like my expressionist candy.)

Oh, hell.  The other truth is that I also binge watching The Dead Files on Netflix and Amazon Instant Video–which doesn't help my drawing progress either.  It's funny because I can't watch the show as it airs, but watching it stream is like an obsession.  I think the difference has to do with commercials.  Commercials break up the tension, pace and storytelling elements of TV shows (even ones such as this).  It also messes with my touch of ADD.  So the second a commercial comes on, I do something else and have to remind myself to turn back to the screen and focus.  Anyway, while I do think its a bit exaggerated, I do enjoy watch The Dead Files before I go to bed.  Yes, at night.  With the lights off.  Back-to-back spooky episodes.  Like a pro.

As jovial and colorful as I am, I'm somewhat into the macabre.  As you can see.  I hope before the end of the year the drawing is complete, though.

Take care and stay tuned! 

Friday, August 15, 2014

The Girl Who Got Abandoned

There's a reason I terminated this drawing before I got into watercoloring it: it felt too unbalanced to finish!  Now, I've never claimed to be the best at drawing, but I can't lie to myself when sometimes a drawing feels wrong.  This would be one of the many occassions where I abandoned a drawing.  This one in particular kind of got wobbly during the sketching process.  I changed her hair, pose, angle, and background one too many times and got lost.  Still trying to push my way through to find that "gold"–I never really found it.  It's kind of like how in life when we push and push against something that we want, and it pushes back with resistance, we end up making a mess of everything.  It's better to just... go with the flow.  Nevertheless, considering this was going to be a series of images illustrating the drawing's progress (see Gold Fleur post), I managed to capture a few of its early moments and nothing more.  I felt it had so much promise in the sketched stages, though.

I really started to fumble when I couldn't figure out exactly what I wanted to do with the hands.  Those damn hands.  Always the hands!  I should've taken them out completely and left it simple, comical and as ethereal as possible.  But no... I wanted to try to push it.

Just... I don't know at this point.  I'm still confused about what hair color I was shooting for.  She was initially suppose to be my character Shi Shi (blue hair and all), but it just didn't seem to come together like I'd hoped.  Eh... oh well...

This wouldn't have bothered me so much had I got her pose right from the jump.  But like a slippery slope, I further got discouraged at the shape of her nose, while finding her lips too small for my liking.  I like big lips.  I also didn't get the full roundness and shape of her eyes.  So... I abandoned ship!  It just felt missing.

Anyway, I always said I would share my not-so-happy drawings as well as the ones I do think turned out as good as I could get them.  So what do you think?  Should I continue forward?  Or should I just regroup and start anew?  How do you handle a disappointing drawing project?  Do you fight the current or jump ship to start somewhere fresh?  Comment below.

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Free Comic Book Day

No, I don't have a comic book to give away.  If I was aware of such a day as Free Comic Book Day, I might've been prepared.  It was only recently brought to my attention, though.  So I'll do what I can and share a few old scans from back when I used to do comics for my high school newspaper.  They are messy, but enjoy them the best that you can.  (^_^)

V-Day Skit

Notice the Sailor V influence?  I really, really should go get some good bristol board and try this all over again.  Anyway, thanks for stopping by.  

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Manga Mysteries ~ Sherlock Holmes Had a Niece?

Okay, for all the manga readers time to share a series I discovered a little over a year ago.  I almost looked over this one, and then realized my Comic Towel drawings were inspired by this style of art.  Blend that with my month of reading mysteries, and consider me encouraged to share Kaoru Shintani’s Young Miss Holmes (Seven Seas Entertainment), or its Japanese title, Christie High Tension (Media Factory).

Debutting in 2007 (it didn't hit the west till 2012), Young Miss Holmes tales about an aristocratic and--somewhat presumptuously educated--ten-year-old named Crystal "Christie" Margaret Hope.  She goes by "Christie" as a polite throw to English crime novelist, Agatha Christie; and it just so happens she's the niece of famed literary figure, Sherlock Holmes.  The homages to manga-Christie's character blooms rampant and clear.  Nonetheless, as a character who has her own, her University-level education translates through her unique ability to discern her surroundings with blade-like sharpness.  This ability supports her subsequent need to ask questions, leading to a performance of logical deductions and reasoning.  Have I pumped up Christie too much?  Probably so.  But I like her so I must continue.

On the other hand, her aristocratic upbringing translates into her freedom to roughly--but resourcefully--explore her talents with a decorum of respect from others.  Besides her exercised clout of owning the title as the niece of Sherlock Holmes, this exploration includes Christie’s need to run behind her uncle and his murder cases.  However, she often falls down the tunnels of her own hunches until she’s left to dig her own way out.  Which strengths my resolve for loving the mystery genre because it's always about characters thinking for themselves.  

Mutton sleeves attached, Christie is either cornering a jewel thief; deciphering a murderous lithograph; or pursuing Shintani’s twist on Holmes's popular case, The Hound of Baskerville.  And while Christie does much of her sleuthing to gain the approval of her famed uncle, she is not alone in her pursuits as she drags her unexpectedly self-sufficient teacher and nannies into her troubles.  Each and all done with some amazing manga-style flips, flares and wit.  Oh, and some hard India ink.

I am currently working my way through each story-packed volume with a balanced pace.  See, I confess that I sometimes read quickly through manga and graphic novels, to the point of walking away with nothing of use besides admiring the art.  Maybe because this is a mystery manga that I’ve decided to take my time, much like how I did with Tadashi Agi‘s thriller series, Remote, some years ago.  Nonetheless, from Young Miss Holmes, I find myself charmed with Shintani’s whodunit storytelling underneath his obvious, sparklingly admiration of Author Doyle's virtuoso.  Shintani does dip a touch into fantasy, but his stories are not without that cobblestoned London 1891 glow that's probably rarely seen in manga.  The amusing, over-expressed (classic in my eyes) construction of his line work carried each story just as cleanly as the stories themselves.  His style has the throwback appeal of manga from the 1980s, ala Project A-ko and Galaxy Express 999; and that, along with early 90’s style, appeals to me from a growing-up stance.  I should mention that I do adore Christie.  Or did you already figure that out?  Yes, she can sometimes be a brat.  Despite all of her intelligence, she’s still ten.  However, there is a compassionate side to Christie that is easy to miss.  One example lie in her encouraging words to her troubled, illiterate nanny.  Like I said, something unanticipated remains here beyond the mystery and comedic attitude of the series.  

Nevertheless, I love how outstandingly fun and hilarious this series is, as well as bewildering.  Bewildering in a good way I should say.  Whatever the case, Scandal’s “The Warrior” would easily describe Christie’s detective moxie.  After I finish Rita Mae Brown’s Wish You Were Here, I feel another episode of Christie coming along.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Digging for Gold!

Well, it's Comic Towel, my mix-up of drawings, literature, and self-help.  Here's a drawing I did per request.  It didn't fit the request, but I love it too much to ignore.  The funny thing is that I started two drawings for the request and got to the coloring part of the other before I realized I didn't like it.  Whereas, I didn't like this picture in its sketched form.  However, I kept digging at it.  Drawing, inking, coloring, experimenting.  And I feel like I dug out some gold.  It might not've fit the request of the individual who asked for it, but I feel like this drawing showed me that I was able to do exactly what I set out to do here.  You got to keep digging.  Never give up.

I put this colorful drawing together during July.  I wanted to post it with a short story but never really got to writing the piece.  So I just held on to the drawing.  Then I realized that--hey--it's in me to want to draw.  I'm an unlimited, abundance system of ideas.  Not to sound cheeky about it, though.  I believe that each drawing is a learning experience.  In any regard, I grew tired of waiting to share the drawing.  So here it is.  The dude kind of reminds me of Wheeler from Captain Planet.  Would you say so too?

This is an archive picture I wanted to share.  For some reason I never quite added it to my Zazzle shop deal.  But I always look at it trying to figure out why not.  So.  I'll just share it here until I get my shit together about it. 

Meanwhile, I need suggestions on where I can start doing commission work.  I had a gig on Fiverr then decided to take it down only because I needed to reconstruct my time and planning.  Any ideas?

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