Tuesday, December 23, 2014

The Guy Who Almost Faded And Why

I know the filtering and all is wonked out and faded, but I had to make it a little creative and interesting. The reason I post this drawing is because I don't know what to do with it. I've been stuck on it for weeks, slowly progressing until I just… well… stopped. The idea was to give him one of those super big faux fur hoodies, and then I kind of fiddle along and erased everything. I still am keeping that idea, though. Hopefully, I can pull it off. Part of me also wants to open up his face and jaw line, but part of me wants to leave it as it is. I'm not hardcore determined when it comes to proportions and angles.  I'm more into the reasonable, danity and dramatic looks.  Nonetheless, I kind of just draw and let the drawing and coloring come out.  Either I like the results, or I don’t. So I'm led to believe that I have something here, if only I can execute that fur hoodie like I so, so want to express as it regards the current season. 

I just wanted to share my current frustrations. I'm hoping I'll get this guy together soon. He seems like a babe, but not in an overly masculine way.  Then again, none of my drawings would be touted as "masculine".

True to Form Distractions

So yeah.  Playing the video game The Evil Within does absolutely nothing regarding my progress of the drawing.  There's no nutshell way to put this game other than how it's the story of a police officer finding himself in this crazy, sadistic world filled with zombies and chainsaw men.  One of the founding creators of the Resident Evil series is behind The Evil Within–should that be a blip to my nutshell explanation of this game.  I originally pulled the game out of a Redbox in town, curious by the reviews and ready for a little hands-on experience.  That experience lead to a full purchase.  This game is stressful and sick.  Just like I like my survival horror.  It would be even better if I could play the female character.  Y'all know how I roll.  (A woman surviving with a gun is like my expressionist candy.)

Oh, hell.  The other truth is that I also binge watching The Dead Files on Netflix and Amazon Instant Video–which doesn't help my drawing progress either.  It's funny because I can't watch the show as it airs, but watching it stream is like an obsession.  I think the difference has to do with commercials.  Commercials break up the tension, pace and storytelling elements of TV shows (even ones such as this).  It also messes with my touch of ADD.  So the second a commercial comes on, I do something else and have to remind myself to turn back to the screen and focus.  Anyway, while I do think its a bit exaggerated, I do enjoy watch The Dead Files before I go to bed.  Yes, at night.  With the lights off.  Back-to-back spooky episodes.  Like a pro.

As jovial and colorful as I am, I'm somewhat into the macabre.  As you can see.  I hope before the end of the year the drawing is complete, though.

Take care and stay tuned! 

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