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Monday, July 17, 2023

Unread Titles Shelf Detoxification

Many got to stay. Many had to go. I got a huge summer shelf unread books detox going on strong right here. So sick of hanging on to books year after year; I did a fairly complete shelf detox where I combed through unread books I’ve either lost interest in, don’t feel the knack for even trying, don’t have the right series entry to start with, or have read and just don’t feel the need to keep. This is the result.

Now, to keep track of the matter, I’ve saved and placed in a digital folder all that I could onto my Handy Library app. Those filed in this folder are available at my public library. Therefore, essentially, they can hold the book while I maintain space on my shelves. So, if ever I get the urge to read them, I know where they’re available.

Ah, what a relief.

I have some stipulations regarding many of the books I did question but decided to keep. However, I probably won’t hold myself to it for too long. I kind of got the detox bug and am ready to go for round two if need be. Regardless, adios to these here. Down to the donation center you all go! Thanks for the good times—OR NOT!

Saturday, December 19, 2020

Saturday Night Clean-Up

You know what this means...?  Time to clean up and get rid of some books!  What's going to make the cut?

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