Saturday, April 25, 2020

Ooooo. Somebody Sent Me Books...

What’s happening, all? Well, I guess that question isn’t exactly necessary in our current health crisis climate. So, in saying that, I hope and pray you reading this is doing well and keeping safe. I’ve taken this time to be still. Still reading, but keeping still. Not too much video making and blogging. More like be extra careful of my movements (as I still have to go to work), as well as keeping up with my family’s movements. There is much to say about these last few weeks but, for the majority, me and my folks are doing well. And I pray yours is too.

I’m here to share and shout out Elizabeth from the YouTube Channel, LizziefayeLovesBooks. Last week she sent me some books, y'all! Anyway, her and I have shared a BookTubeship these past few years. That BookTubeship came stirred by our connection in hosting #MarchMysteryMadness together since 2016. There are actual stories behind the book picks she has sent me. But instead of getting into all that on this rainy Saturday, I’ll share her latest video down below. Total appreciation for this.


So, yes. This was really, really sweet. And I can’t wait to read them! Folks are out here sending me books, man. How blessed is THAT! THANKS ONCE AGAIN, ELIZABETH!

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