Sunday, March 6, 2016

#MarchMysteryMadness | Challenge #4: The Rule of True Crime

First time going for Ann Rule (RIP). I’m going to be reading A Fever in the Heart.  It’s a collection of her slimmer written cases. As opposed to those massive books by her you find bowing bookshelves. I had the intention of reading the last quarter of the book where all the small case are. I mean, because the first case is 283 pages out of this 424 page book. But then I thought, “Hell no. If I’m gonna go into this, I have to have my full curiosities met!” Along with a little OCD realized. My initial intentions were to do the #MarchMysteryMadness challenges down the line. But now I’m skipping my re-reading of Poe to use this week to tackle The RULE. (High-five for knocking out the first two challenges in a week.) 

It’s funny because I feel like I’m going to get a Lifetime Movie feel from these cases, but just a touch bloodier. Along with the catch that these stories are about real people–real tragedies. I can only wonder how far along I’m willing to go before I do like I did the TV show The First 48 and drop it. I’m a believer in inviting realities and energies (if you will) into our own. And I know y’all are probably like “oh but you read all those murder mysteries.” Lol. Yes. Fiction. But believe me, the processing is totally different. 

A few years ago I read this amazing book  From my very first childhood inkling of the Jonestown incident I’ve always, always had an interest and fascination with the case. And this was the book I needed as an adult for answers. And while I highly recommend it, the problem was I couldn’t sleep the night I started the book. I had a nightmare about the Jonestown incident. I finished the book, all right. But I walked around with this weird, pondering “sickness” for at least a week. And that’s what I mean about inviting certain realities into your energy. We’ve all been there where we hear about a murder, and then spend time with the details chewing at our imaginations for some time. But NEVER would I thought the same thing would happen from a book! Lol.

For those interested, I’ll share my written blog post on A Thousand Lives HERE:

But at the end of the day, I'm a person who likes to make sense of real things. Who likes information. Who likes to keep an open-mind and see what I can pull from places unforeseeable (so I pray) from my own reality.

Will that happen in Rule? Challenge accepted! 

(I jacked this post from the #MarchMysteryMadness Goodreads page.  You, reading this, SHOULD be there!  Link below.)

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