Saturday, December 23, 2023

New Reading Journal & MORE Tracy Clark

Baby, it's 6:12pm and I am making it happen. I'm 100 pages into Tracy Clark's second Harriet Foster Thriller, Fall. This one has my full attention, without a doubt. The story centers around the mayor of Chicago (fictional, I might add) and a group of aldermen who conspired to commit a crime. A co-conspirator took the fall and was recently released from prison. All of a sudden, the others are getting killed. One strange thing about their murders is that dimes were placed without bodies. 

Harriet Foster's police procedural is woven with that of the numbered criminals surrounding the crime as well. The question is: whodunit? I'll save those ideas for later; I've got to keep reading during vacation.

Meanwhile, I've just closed out my original reading journal that I started in March of 2022 and came prepared with my new (again Sailor Moon-themed) journal. Overall, I'm having fun at home with my candles, wax warmers, coffee, double-layered socks, and blanket. With groceries in the house and bills paid, you can’t tell me a thing. I live for moments like this where I can just relax, be content, and read my books without worrying about where I need to be the day after and what I need to do. My time is my own. And… well… books own my time as well.

And I’m cool with that.

Let the vacation (and PlayStation 5 later this evening) continue. I honestly think I’m going to target another 50 pages of Fall by Tracy Clark. I see that happening tonight… along with another bite of this monster...

Late Night Friday Reads


Monday, December 4, 2023

Another Currently Reading...


"Fifteen-year-old Justin Billings wants nothing more than to break the destructive chain of enmeshment clouding his deliberately sheltered adolescence. However, autonomy is fiercely chastised in the Billings household. Justin's newfound dignity threatens his scheming single-mother Wendy's benefit scam, of which Justin's fabricated autism diagnosis serves as an integral cog.

Whether forced into spending time with unsavoury babysitters, or following Wendy on her endeavours, Justin lives a burdensome life. Never fully welcome, wherever he goes. Being the only kid at school without a mobile phone only adds to his isolation.

Determined to flee Wendy's unbearable psychological abuse, Justin wittingly enters the north Wales care system. Unbeknown to him, only compounding his brittle vulnerability. While desperate for independence, engrained self-abhorrence sees him perpetually preyed on by society's wolves. Local tearaway and fellow resident, Darcy Quinney, sniffs his diffidence from a mile off, and gleefully assumes Wendy's puppeteer role."


CHOP IT UP: Slay by Laurell K Hamilton


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