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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

A Glimpse into Daniel Black’s "Perfect Peace"

"Gracie left, convinced that Mae Helen would die before Emma Jean saw her again.  Still, she was glad she had tried.  A child's hurt obviously evolves into an adult's resentment, she told herself, so after years of abuse, the possibility that Emma Jean might forgive and forget was a virtual impossibility.  Maybe she should have fought more directly for Emma Jean when they were children, Gracie considered, but what could she do about that now?  Even if she apologized, which she felt she'd done, Emma Jean's pain wouldn't decrease.  All Gracie knew to do was promise to love any child she birthed--even if, like Emma Jean, it was ugly."

Before I forget, this has to be pulled out of my “draft“ list and shared, especially after watching an amazing interview with the author on YouTube.  So I wanted to dust this work-in-progress off, share it with everyone, then let the video do the talking because what he says will blow the right mind away.  But first, in a way this passage is an extension of my Alice Walker post where I ask the questions revolving around parental guilt and our frustrating experiences finding purpose in our adult lives.  Maybe answers are here.  Please, enjoy.

Daniel Black a Perfect Peace

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