Thursday, May 26, 2016

Using Canva to Create the Perfect Spreadshirt Banner Size

Okay.  So to save someone the trouble, I present to you how to create the perfect size Spreadshirt banner.  And it's all done via the online creation tool, Canva.  This is for those who want a nice banner that stretches properly over their web shop.  And not so much sitting above the fold as a box surrounded by negative space.  (Anyone else hates that?)

First.  Get into your Canva account.  Duh, right? Anyway, in the top right-hand corner is the option of creating your own dimensions.  You want that, as opposed to using the templates Canva has already prepared.  Naturally, you’ll need to input the right width and height.  Go for 1280 x 343 in pixel size.

Ah.  There goes your beautiful rectangle, ready for you to go ham creating an eye-popping banner for your shop.  I sound like I’m selling something, but I really do get excited every time I use Canva.  The possibilities, people.  The.  Possibilities.

As you can see I floodssssss my canvas space.  This time I have a shop header themed around Korean dramas and K-Pop.  Believe me, I fussed around in and out of Canva and Spreadshirt until I got the size and look that I wanted for my new store.  I wasn't playing any games.  It had to look right.  Nonetheless, as always for those familiar with Canva, save under the “High Quality (PNG)” to download the image to your computer.

(For those new to the Spreadshirt game.)  Now in your Spreadshirt account.  Underneath Shop Settings falls Layoutcheck the box for Show Cover Image (I believe this has changed where now you just move to Graphics).  This’ll allow you to upload your banner.  But remember, if the damn thing still doesn’t sit right with you, you’ll have to go down to Graphics to remove and effectively replace it.  Spreadshirt only gives you so much storage space for material outside of your product designs.

And voila.  A perfect header banner stretched across the proper length of your store.  Easy as pie.  Only, it took me all morning and a lot of back and forth to figure out how to make this ish look right.  It just looks slick when no space is wasted.  Anyway, I hope this saved someone else some time.
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