Thursday, August 1, 2013

Seven Months of Contentment

As many people know I absolutely love Korea dramas and this is my new favorite actor, Jeong Kyeo Woon. He is currently playing in the drama Wonderful Mama, which is a drug to your soul kind of TV show that we all have. Get your HuluPlus and Drama Fever accounts running, people!

Okay, okay. So this has absolutely no purpose other than to be exactly where it is in this moment to postmark the start of my eighth month of doing blog posts. I went from only doing one post a month to having multiples in the months of June and July. The muse was just kicking at me to express (read, write and paint) every little thing that came to me. Plus, it is just fun sharing my thoughts where I once kept them to myself, or to those who sought my advice. Really, it’s all been great and I have lists and drafts ready for takeoff.
The picture may simply signify my content (isn’t that his expression?) of these seven months, making Towel & Cornbread halfway to becoming a year old. I did not know where I was going to start; I just knew I had to do so.  Speaking of which, I’ve had some questions as to what the name Towel & Cornbread meant.  They are names based off characters that I created years ago in my high school years (see June‘s “Do You”post).  While that is still true, I also recall a story I wrote and sent to literary agencies some years ago.  I’ll admit that it was not good material.  Whose is?  Anyhow, there was one agent who made a subtly ugly comment about my choice in character names.  I was aware of this possiblity, but I sent the story out anyway.  I was glad to get the letter because only now--in this moment--I truly see that Towel & Cornbread is about accepting your quirky individuality and sticking with it.  It’s about taking that acceptance and still managing to show up to life with it pinned to you like a badge stating: Damnit! I am here and you will hear me!

So everyone. Keep believing in yourself and creating spaces where you can show up to your life. 

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