Friday, June 10, 2016

Ultimate Nevada Barr Haul


One tends to lose his or her mind in all the book-loving concussion.  Which leads to this current obsession–excuse me–Friday book haul.  More or less knowing what I was getting myself into (having spent two days desperate for another Anna Pigeon book to quell my forever fervent soul); I decided the best method to cut into the approaching madness was to turn some books in for credit.  Though the two Sandra Brown books (see two posts previous) didn’t garner any attention.  Apparently they were overstocked with her titles, because she doesn’t move well.  Yet the mass markets weighted in perfectly.  (FYI: I only gave up Stephen King's Misery because it's been over three years of me hating this particularly unread copy.)  And, two different stops later, this is what I came up with…


With absolutely zero shame, the Anna Pigeon series haul list goes…
Blood Lure (Pigeon #9)
Hunting Season (Pigeon #10; has to go back because of the previous owner's widowed mark-ups)
Flashback (Pigeon #11)
Hard Truth (Pigeon #13)
Winter Study (Pigeon #14)
Borderline (Pigeon #15)
Burn (Pigeon #16)
Park Ranger Anna Pigeon mysteries for DAYS...!  Good-bye sleepless nights fueled by melancholy.

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