Friday, October 5, 2018

Who Rants About Books?

Ranting.  Book rants.

First, I don't have one of those fantastic and lengthy and hyper-intelligent thoughtful essays on the above subject.  Nope, I just say what I have to say and keep it pushing.

Nonetheless, I think (I use the word “think” as a “benefit of the doubt”) I’ve been accused of book ranting.  And you know what?  I care to address it and get my feelings off my chest.  And you know what else?  I never really see me sharing my less than favorable opinions about a particular book as ranting, emotions in check or otherwise.  What I see and feel is passion.  Passion for my love of stories, reading, and finding life in books.  It's a passion that stretches whether I find enthusiasm and joy in a story, or find frustration when my needs as a reader are not meant by its end.  I see it as me spending either my time or money (or both) on a book and having the ability to express those feelings a disappointing story has left me with.  I see it as opening up an honest dialogue about a book; to form both a place where those who felt the same can freely share in my feelings and a place for those who felt opposite can change it.

Ultimately, when I am disappointed enough in a book, I have to speak on it however which way it's delivered.  Though don't get it twisted because I do not insult the author themselves.  I'm careful of that because I know my ass probably couldn't write anything better.  Nonetheless, getting my feelings out is a part my personality in general.  One can only hold so much in at a time.

Anyway, one interesting thing I've noticed is when you're accused of ranting about a book, it's usually coming from a reader who loves book/author and is just salty and up in his or her feelings because somebody dared dim the lights from over his or her darling.  But my thing is if you feel some type of way about someone's difference of opinion... start a dialogue.  We're talking about a books after all.

Either way, chile.  At the end of the day, I said what I said.  And mean what I say.  Makes me no difference because tomorrow I'm going to have something else to say about another book with my voice and on my platform.

So how you doing, sis?  

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