Monday, May 27, 2019

David Weber's Honor Harrington Series HYPE (Yeah, a Book Haul of Sorts)

The Honor Harrington Series (Amazon affiliate link)

No words.  Completely obsessed with this series.  I made myself take a break after reading book four [Field of Dishonor] because of some crazy events that took place afterwards.  And it's those titillating type of crazy events that sets up the next book.  Which is another reason why I'm loving this series; each book set-up the events of the following book.

No wonder fans call it the "Honorverse".  Kind of puts me in mind of Buffy.  You know.  One episodes, one season, all encompassing goodness to divulge and squeal into.  Buffyverse.  Honorverse.  Universe.  Get it?

Anyway, this is the series that I didn't know I HAD to read.  Having fallen in love with Tanya Huff's military sci-fi space opera Torin Kerr series; I was simply looking for more.  And I certainly found it in Honor Harrington!

Don't ask me why I have two copies of the first book in the series [On Basilisk Station].  Well, I love the original cover (right-hand), but for formality got the latest.

The Honor of the Queen is BOOK 2.  The Short Victorious War is BOOK 3.  Both, respectively, game changers in the series.  Actually, so far every entry is a game changer.

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