Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Black & LGBTQ Mysteries Birthday Haul

So, after recently reading the second book in Paula L.Woods’s Charlotte Justice police procedural series, I quickly booted up the laptop to order the final two books.  And, well, those suckers are HERE.  I desperately (I understate a little “desperately”) want to get started on reading the third book, Dirty Laundry.  Of course, only to follow it up with the fourth and final book, Strange Bedfellows.  It’s one of those scenarios where you’re hungry to devour the series, but you also want to savor the experience with sips.

Nevertheless, the rundown goes:

Dirty Laundry will have our black, female homicide detective, Charlotte Justice, investigating the murder of a young Korean woman found bludgeoned to death in L.A.’s Koreatown district.  And because Woods always provide insightful commentary on what themes/subjects she decides to tackle, Lord knows I’m going to walk away with Dirty Laundry having learned something.  As for the final book, Strange Bedfellows, Justice will be revisiting an old case, while finding herself entangled with the involvement of her family in said case.  Allegedly!

Color me excited.

Christopher Murphy is a new discovery for me.  Him and his work has been described as “a new voice in the LGBTQ thriller genre”.  And all I can scream is YESSSSS.  There’s this sort of need to fall on your knees and cry “GIVE US MORE” as well.  A black, LGBTQ-identified dude writing mysteries/thrillers!  Just… Just…

Anyway, I got to give y’all the blurb on these…

Murphy's first book, Where the Boys Are:

"Love-cursed journalist, Quinn Harris, has a terrible talent for being at the wrong place at the right time. When a chance reunion brings him face to face with a flame from his past the sparks quickly turn to ice as evidence of foul play arises! He soon learns that it’s no coincidence his high school crush disappeared years ago, without a trace. It’s also no coincidence that his victims look exactly like Quinn… The body count and the stakes are high as Quinn works to unravel the truth behind a string of unanswered murders that hit dangerously close to home. Murder, martinis, and mayhem rule in this stylish LGBTQ thriller from Christopher Murphy."

As for Murphy's latest release, The Other Side of the Mirror:

"What if your reflection was not your own? For Jace Lannister, it’s not always easy being black and gay in the weird world of Portland. It doesn’t help that he’s the son of the Brooklyn Butcher, the notorious serial killer who claimed nineteen lives in the early ‘90s before escaping justice. With buried secrets and a new identity, Jace has created a new life for himself far from his blood-stained roots. But all is shattered when a gruesome murder surfaces echoing the past, fueled by his father’s dark legacy. Has the Brooklyn Butcher returned? Is history destined to repeat itself in the image of his son? Or is something far more sinister emerging from the other side of the mirror?" 

Those better explain the situationsssssssss I can't wait to read and get into!  Anyway, I feel like some good reading is about to take place.  Tuition's paid.  Bills paid.  Heck, it's cold enough outside to stay in-doors for a minute.  Probably couldn't ask for better company than these two! 

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