Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Check Him Out

While it is Wednesday (6/19/2013), and I haven't started on my goal of two drawings per week yet, I must finish revealing my wins and fails of last week. Also, flipping through my portfolio I found an additional drawing that I (for whatever reason) did not add in my initial plans.

Let’s start with the win from last week, besides the cherry blossom drawing I posted previous.  You see, I had to quickly make up for a fail that happened, so I drew the drawing below as quickly as possible while I was off from work last Friday.  I just wanted to make a quick sketch of a cute guy, and while it is summer, I have fall-like leaf stickers to help elaborate his use of sipping a hot mocha.  I've been itching to use some of the prints I bought over the past month and that is where the color lies in his hair, shirt and earring.  The reason I added it to his hair was because I loved the color so much, and the drawing was such a quick shot, that I absolutely refused to waste any more of the paper.  Plus, I just like to try something different.  I am already away from the "traditional" sense of doing anything.  So why not continue to do it my way.  Anyway, after a couple of hours I was finished and had to scan the drawing a couple of times to get the scope that I felt I needed.  I walked around for a week with the drawing on my phone trying to figure out why I didn't like the scope before I changed it.  Any any regard, I love the turnout.  It is simple; a cute guy with nice skin and colorful hair that match his shirt.

I named him Kay (or Kei), after recently watching the Korean drama Nail Shop Paris.

 The drawing above was an emergency drawing to replace the picture below: my fail for the week.  The pseudo-shades must be excused because I royally screwed up the drawing below up and tried to fix it only to screw it up again.  I clearly messed up on the eyes, and the more I drew and colored, the more I realized it was going to be too late to fix them.  Still, I tried and made it worst.  I only use computers to revive color or add filters to my drawings, but here, I added these awful Paint program shades to disguise my screw up for this particular blog post.  Needless, to say, she will not be featured in anything but this blog post.  The idea I had was nice, though.  I wanted to combine felt with sticker jewels as a hat and purse.  Sort of like street and grimy.  In many ways, I have to relearn some of the methods I used in my past drawings to keep from making this mistake again.

The last drawing was done in 2008.  It is of the character Jiremi giving us curly mo hawk and easy eyes.  As mentioned, I wasn't sure why I never added this picture to the original collection I started with.  However, I am happy I've rediscovered my love of it.  As always, I need color and this has it.  There is a person this drawing was inspired by, yet those details are saved for another day. (^. ~)

While I haven't produced a drawing yet to fulfill my weekly challenge, I have to say that that's okay.  It's only Wednesday.  I'll get to it.  Quite honestly I have been wrapped up in using Hulu to watch Korean Dramas, playing The Last of Us, and reading Toni Morrison's Tar Baby.  These are all slight distractions, and like many things, fueled with upcoming inspiration.

Thanks for reading, everyone.  Have a blessed day.

Oh, and a link to my DeviantART page where you can see a full on collision of my drawings from lower skills to growth:

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