Saturday, October 17, 2015

Halloween Special ~ My 1st Ghost Experience

Here's the picture I mentioned.  It was taken in Maple Hill Cemetery, one of the oldest cemetery's in the city.  The picture is from 2005, where my best friend and I (for whatever reason) decided to walk inside and take a couple of pictures.  I don't care for these places, but decided what the hell.  

This... was one of the results.  It may look full dark in the image, but it was actually not that dark at all.  Approaching twilight maybe.  Nonetheless, it appears that something–or someone–decided to jump into the shot with me.  Anyone familiar with orbs and mist, may recognize this as ghostly.  Others may just regard it as equipment failure of some sort.  It was taken with one of those one-use cameras.  Anyway, you tell me what you see...

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