Wednesday, October 21, 2015

The ULTIMATE Rita Mae Brown Mrs. Murphy Housekeeping (Haul)

Something in my spirit told me to do this–to go to my local public library.  My intention was to get off my ass and actually write my thoughts out on J. D. Robb's Devoted in Death.  And I got some of that done AFTER I raided the library's used bookstore for an opportunity only a fool would pass up.  Well, only if you're into cozy mysteries where pets help solve the crime.  
I came across a slew of mint (hell, I'd call them new) condition Rita Mae Brown hardbacks.  And by Rita Mae Brown, I mean her Mrs. Murphy cozy mystery series.  You know.  The series I've been screaming and crying about all year on this blog.  Click on the tags below to get what I mean.  
But how much were they apiece?  $1.50!  While there were eight (the last one wasn't in good condition), I walked out with seven.  The real kicker is they are in READING ORDER!  And even more exciting, they're in reading order following the book I just finished!  (Literally, I don't have to go to Amazon and throw money on books and shipping.)  With 24 books to date in the series, this is a decent chunk I've just collected.  
So let's sum this up.  Like-new condition.  Hardbacks.  $1.50.  Reading order.  Nothing was stopping me from this opportunity.  I overheard the workers speaking to one another about cleaning out the library's attic, and can only wonder if this is where these books came from.
Here's what I got.  I'll link each book to their Goodreads profile as well...

Book #10:  Catch as Cat Can
Book #12:  Whisker of Evil
Book #13:  Cat's Eyewitness
Book #14:  Sour Puss
Book #15:  Puss 'N Cahoots
Should I change my mind and go back, I'll grab that copy of Book #16: The Purrfect Murder

This is perfect for me, as we're moving into fall and winter.  These are the season when days are shorter and nights are long.  It's cold.  The blanket spreads.  The heater warms.  A cup off coffee and a bowl of chill.  Then it's time to settle into these cozy mysteries between hibernating.

But ALSO...

...after years of deliberating over my Wishlist, and whether I wanted to give her a go, I finally got Laurie R. King's The Beekeeper's Apprentice.  Thank you library for the Grade B copy for $1.  You saved me some troubles.  Anyway, King writes this interesting period mystery series surrounding a fifteen-year-old female sleuth.  Besides taking place in 1915, the extended kick is she works alongside the Sherlock Holmes.  
Lastly, I finally picked up Robert Alexander's The Kitchen Boy.  Over and over again I would see the book, and finally decided to give it a home.  Consult Goodreads HERE for the synopsis.
Anyway, that's all.  I'm done.  I'm out.  I'm going to go dive into The Kitchen Boy for the night.  Thanks for reading me gush.  
Have you ever came across a find in a used bookstore?  Share your story below!

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