Sunday, January 10, 2016

2016 Goodreads Challenge GOALS... Err... Maybe Not

First, I gotta wonder how long I’ll be able to keep this “joke” up.  Because I’m always changing my mind about something.  Secondly, of course I’ll never stop a year reading only 17 books.  I'm not that HIGH!
What’s up, visitors/friends/neighbors/etc?  I’d like to share what I set myself up for in 2016, about Goodreads' yearly book consumption challenge.  Now I know reading and keeping track of your finished books is not a big deal to some.  But, personally, I like keeping track.  It speaks to the OCD and book lover nature in me.  The Goodreads' platform containing various thumbnail images of my book conquests puts a touch of joy in my bookworm spirit.  Or something like that.  Anyway, unfortunately, I think I got a little too OCD and personal with my reading last year.  Last year what should’ve been a relaxed stroll through books turned slightly into a grind-feast.  And it had a lot to do with increased work hours and just general personal life distractions.
You know how it goes.
So I played around with the thought of just skipping out on the challenge this year.  I told myself I was going to let it go and take my time reading.  But that’s just no damn fun to me!  I love a challenge.  I love being a witness to progress.  Hell, I love books and the hours I spend soaked in them.
So I decided to soup up my favorite number–17–and stick it in the blank box as my goal.  That’s it.  17.  From 2015’s 60 to only 17.  That number will eventually morph and transform into something bigger.  But only after I’ve hit it.
Now on to fill in the goal!
So what's your 2016 Goodreads reading goals?  What number do you have in mind?

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