Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Today's LIVE Stream of Resident Evil 0 HD

Resident Evil 0 is one of my favorite games in the Resident Evil franchise–for a variety of reasons.  I love the grittiness of its atmosphere the protagonist Rebecca Chambers and Billy Cohen traverse through.  Of course as they unveil the Umbrella Corporation's secrets, while fighting zombies and mutated monsters.  Nonetheless, naturally, I love the music as well.
I also love the game because of Rebecca's unassuming nature, and how strong of a character she was.  The game puts Rebecca through hell–and number of times.  She's a survivor.  The homely bad-ass.
The list  goes on.  I have so many great memories of the game when it initially released on the GameCube in 2002.  The night I bought it, me and some friends were heading to Birmingham.  We stopped to get oil at Wal-Mart and bought the game there, toting it down the highway in pure excitement.
So I'm glad Capcom released the game in HD.  Between the two, I would actually take Resident Evil 0 as opposed to the original's remake.
Anyway, enough babbling.  I'm Live Stream in the game on the PS4 via my gaming channel.
(And yes, I curse while playing games.)

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