Monday, October 28, 2019

(2) 50 Pages a Day Keep the Good Reading... I Don't Know What Goes Here...

I guess I’ve read enough mysteries this month. Yet, don't get it twisted. I could throw another 30 million more in there at the flip-flash of the switch. And since I decided to throw out most of my October TBR, I got to come up with something else.

I decided to give the last week of October over to books I've always wanted to read. So pulled off my shelf to tackle, here arrives…

"A glorious and moving multigenerational, multicultural saga that sweeps from the 1940s through the 1960s in Trinidad and the United States. 'Til the Well Runs Dry opens in a seaside village in the north of Trinidad, where young Marcia Garcia, a gifted and smart-mouthed sixteen-year-old seamstress, lives alone, raising two small boys and guarding a family secret. When she meets Farouk Karam, an ambitious young policeman (so taken with Marcia that he elicits help from a tea-brewing obeah woman to guarantee her ardor), the rewards and risks in Marcia's life amplify forever. On an island rich with laughter, calypso, Carnival, cricket, beaches, and salty air, sweet fruits and spicy stews, the novel follows Marcia and Farouk from their sassy and passionate courtship through personal and historical events that threaten Marcia's secret, entangle the couple and their children in a tumultuous scandal, and put the future in doubt for all of them."
Yay.  I don’t have much to say but that.

"Karigan G'ladheon was once a Green Rider, one of the king of Sacoridia's elite magical messengers. In the messenger service, she was caught up in a world of deadly danger, and though she defeated the rogue Eletian who cracked the magical D'Yer Wall—which had protected Sacoridia for a thousand years from the dark influence of Blackveil Forest, and Mornhavon the Black's evil spirit imprisoned within it—she had nonetheless been tainted by his wild magic. 
Exhausted in body and spirit, and determined to take control of her own destiny, Karigan returned to her home in Corsa. But even Karigan's stubborn determination is no match for the Rider's call. Ghostly hoofbeats echo in the deep regions of her mind. When she awakes to find herself on horseback, halfway to Sacor City in her nightgown, she finally gives in.   
Karigan returns to the court, only to find the Green Riders weakened and diminished. Rider magic has become unreliable, and she herself has ghostly visions of Lil Ambriodhe, First Rider, and founder of the Green Rider corps. 
But why is the First Rider appearing to Karigan? And will Karigan be able to seek the help of a woman who has been dead for a thousand years?"
Well, you'll have to consult my POST last year about the first book in this series.  You know, to understand why I'm thrilled so much.  Even so, despite taking a little over a year to get into the second book, it's been on my mind year-long.  Actually, that's really pitiful of me.

Anyway, these are my two readings for the next seven days.  I'm enjoying alternating books through 50 pages a day.  Keep me on my toes...

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