Wednesday, November 27, 2019

A Touch of Sailor Moon-Related Updates

Yoooooooo. Listen. Errr… read. I finally bought my first Sailor Moon S.H. Figuarts figure. I picked my favorite character, Aino Minako. And she's here in my favorite of her two heroine identities as Sailor V. As opposed to Sailor Venus–which I plan on getting sooner than later. Sailor V is Naoko Takeuchi’s first Sailor Senshi. So that counts as well.

Anyway, I stopped buying Sailor Moon figures and collectibles a long time ago. I suppose that's a product of my getting older and focusing more toward the manga and video releases. Still, I wanted to make the exception here with this figure.

I’m in total inspiration mode these days. Turning to all the things that inspired and put fuel into my creativity. And I've said time and time again how Sailor Moon gave me all my dreams of drawing, reading and writing since I was a twelve. With that said, I’ll re-pose this Sailor V figurine daily and glance at her as I proceed to create.

Speaking of which, the sixth release of the English version of Sailor Moon Eternal Edition manga came out a week ago. Which, of course, has the royal and glorious coupling of Sailor Uranus and Neptune on the cover. The sixth edition closes out the Dead Busters (as in the villains–if you're not aware) arc of the Sailor Moon series.

I bought the fifth book (with Sailor Venus owning the cover) back when it released in June. Yet, considering it opens the Death Busters’s arc, I haven’t taken it on yet. The Death Busters arc is my second favorite arc within the series. So if I'm going to read it within these newly released editions, I want to go all the way through once I start.

And that’s that.  As #NonfictionNovember close out, I think it’s time to take on some manga

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