Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Happy Tuesday to the Underdogs, Eh?

Easily our anthem for 2020.  So come on Alicia Keys with the new music!  And it's right on time for many of us, right?  

You know, matters are already hard enough as we all try to create opportunities in our lives.  We have our good days.  We have our bad days.  We have days of clarity.  Then we have days of confusion.  We have days we are productive.  And days where we can barely get out of our heads to move.  Then there are days where we don't think we'll make it at all.  Followed by days where the silver lining is too sharp to ignore.

But whatever day it is, learn how to take it easy on yourself.  We are all doing the best we can, and it really is a day-by-day affair toward producing whatever we envision for ourselves.  Yet one thing is guaranteed to be true is that you have power in you if you even try or show up to your life.  So many people don't try.  So many people don't show up.  And there are some who see your power and will try to take it from you.  Or even try to steal you away from it (can I get an ahem!) so they can have you alone for themselves dimmed and reduced.  But that right there in itself is an example of your power.  You have power inside of you.  Power to make a big change.  Power to make even the subtlest of differences.  And that will frighten some people.  Though not always because they see you with it, but more than likely because they are afraid to find theirs.  Or think yours will activate theirs.

But never, ever give your power away.  So remember when someone talks negatively about you, it's because he or she can't get your power.  When someone test and try you, it's because they know you have power.  If you're dealing with someone who make excuses and lies to/on you, it's because they can't control you nor your power.  And that bothers them.

But don't give your power away by responding to matters that don't further empower you.  Keep yourself focused by using it for the right reasons and the right people.

And that's my little weekly motivation for today.

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