Wednesday, December 23, 2020

These Kids Are Getting Books for Christmas 2020

Allllllllllll aboard.  So my three favorite children (who happen to be my little cousins) are forever and always getting books from me come Christmas.  And this time I had to do absolutely zero questioning (well, a little sneaky question or two) concerning which titles they wanted.  

The going-on thirteen-year-old is still into The Last Kids on Earth series.  Easy!  The ten-year-old mentioned something about some Rowley Jefferson character.  Evidently Rowley is a spin-off from the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series.  She never took to the Dork Diaries series.  Which I always saw as the girl's version of Wimpy Kid.  But what works will work, baby!  As for the eight-year-old, good ole Dog Man will seem to continue to do this year.  And, as always, when I go buy books I donate to the Toys & Books Drive.  This year, some lucky kid is going to get some Sailor Moon manga!

Anyway, the real question is whether or not I'm going to wrap these things.  I'm lazy, y'all.  I've been using the same wrapping paper for three years straight.  That's how bad I can be...

But my heart is always in the right place.  LOL.


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