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UPDATED: 2020 Mystery Series Catching Up List

2020 Mystery Series Catching Up List


*Updated notes as of December 2020

I’m making this list because I’m tired of myself starting a new series, while having a series I already need to read hanging around my shelves.  

This list will be used to help me stay focused!  Other genres in-between will come as well.

Mrs. Murphy Series by Rita Mae Brown

Book #13: Cat’s Eyewitness

Book #14: Sour Puss

Book #15: Puss N’ Choots

Book #16: The Perrfect Murder

(The rest of the series I’ll check out from the library)

*Got absolutely NOWHERE here.  Very unfortunate, considering this was once a beloved cozy series of mine.  I honestly think I just grew out of it.

John Le’ Carre Smiley Spy Series

Book #3 The Spy Who Came Out of the Cold

Book #4 The Looking Glass War

Stand-Alone: A Small Town in Germany (This’ll be my first read)

*Didn’t get anywhere with Le’Carre.  I started to read his stand-alone, The Little Drummer Girl, back in August.  Unfortunately, I got distracted with other reads.  Specifically that of Laura Child’s Tea Shop Mystery series.  In that, I took on books 4-8 and made progress there instead.  I also made progress in Margaret Maron’s series.  So there’s that! 

Suzanne Arruda’s Cameron Del African Series

It is vital that I finish this series this year.  I only have five books left to read.  The last two I’ll have to order.  Nevertheless, I must finish this series in 2020.

Book# 3: The Serpent’s Daughter

✅Book #4: The Leopard’s Prey

✅Book #5: Treasure of the Golden Cheetah

(I have to order the following two for my personal library.  Will not do until I’m done with BOOK #5)

✅Book #6: The Crocodile’s Last Embrace

✅Book#7: Devil Dance

*OFFICIALLY DONE AS OF OCTOBER 2020.  I buckled down and knocked this series out.  I enjoyed finishing it the whole way, too.  I will say the 7th and final book, Devil Dance, was self-published.  Not that this was necessarily a factor, but the quality of the series dipped here.  There was a five year break between books 6 and 7, and I suspect the author didn’t have the same editor as previous.  Nevertheless, I completed the series.  Going to miss Jade del Cameron and her adventures. 

Elizabeth George’s Inspector Lynley Series

Book #3: Well-Schooled in Murder

I have to either order or check out the following books in this series.  I’m still in limbo about my approach with this series.  Maybe after I wrap up a few other series will I come back to this one.

*No progress.  But as of my writing this (12/9/2020), I just might throw Well-Schooled in Murder down these last few weeks of the year.  The thirst for it is happening as we speak.

Nikki Bakker’s Virginia Kelly Series

(Will be completed with these three books)

Book #2: The Lavender House

Book #3: The Long Goodbye

Book #4: The Ultimate Exit Strategy

*No progress.  I intended to dedicate August to completing black mystery series, just as I did last year.  It didn’t happen, though.  Which is okay.  Part of the reading life.  Nevertheless, I have all the books in the series waiting whenever I’m ready.

Charlotte Carter’s Nanette Hayes Series

(Will be completed with these two books) 

✅Book #2: Rhode Island Red

Book #3: Drumsticks

*One more left to go.  Unfortunately, Rhode Island Red wasn’t that great.  It left me in a slump with this series.  But I’ll find the time in 2021 to close it out.

Tanya Huff’s Torin Kerr Series

(Will be completed with these three books)

✅Book #1: An Ancient Peace

✅Book #2: A Peace Divided

✅Book #3: The Privilege of Peace

*This is the series/character that got me into space opera.  Sad to see her go.  But I managed to finish off the Torin Kerr series for the most part.  The last book was a struggle to get through, so I skipped some areas. Even so, I’m counting this series as completed.  Other than that, so many adventures were had.

Tony Hillerman’s Joe Leaphorn/Jim Chee Series

(Really excited to continue forward in this series.  I will not buy the following 3-book collection UNTIL I finished the one I currently am up-to-date with)

Book #4: People of Darkness

Book #5: The Dark Wind

Book #6: The Ghostway

*No progress.  Just keeping it simple.  No progress.  None.  Kind of shocked at myself about that...

Elizabeth Peter’s Amelia Peabody Series

This is probably going to take the longest.  I have all the remaining books in this series, and they’re all long-winded reads.  But, if able, maybe I can finish this series in 2020.  It’s possible with nine books left.  One or two books a month, perhaps?

✅Book #13: Lord of the Silent

Book #14: The Golden One

Book #15: Children of the Storm

Book #16: Guardian of the Horizon

Book #17: The Serpent on the Crown

Book #18: Tomb of the Golden Bird

Book #19: A River in the Sky

Book #20: The Painted Queen

*I  only got one book in this series down.  I really don’t know what to say other than… well… “maybe next year.”  LOL.  Seven more to go isn’t bad, though.  I’m considering how long I’ve been reading this series, as well as how long the series is!  I’m also considering how I believe my peek of enjoyment stopped around book 9.  Almost there, though.

I will focus on these series for the time being.  That is before starting any new series.

*Yeah, well.  I’m giving myself a pat on the back.  I at least closed two series out.  Here’s to 2021. 

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