Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Valerie Wilson Wesley's "A Glimmer of Death" is Out! Happy Release Day!

Listen. I stood at the stove about to reheat some lasagna (with cheap off-brand breadsticks from Wal-Mart and a "girl-bye" to them) when the UPS man delivered this baby to me. The book came on time. Delivered on its release date. I didn’t get played like I anticipated. So I was good to go! Y’all know the mailing services are off the chain these days. And my messy tail is contributing to it via Amazon purchases. But we’ll talk about that some other day.


Valerie Wilson Wesley is one of my favorite black mystery writers, and she's back with a new series. Also, she's back with a fresh shift in gears toward undertaking the cozy mystery sub-genre. Wesley is best known for the famous Tamara Hayle lady private-eye detective series. She also has a catalog of black contemporary works out there (Playing my Mother's Blues being one). And Wesley is also known for two gothic romance novels (check the labels for “Savanna Welles”). My point is that Wesley has done about everything except cozy mysteries. Until today where we have A Glimmer of Death, book one in Wesley’s Odessa Jones series.

Get into Wesley's Tamara Hayle private-eye series, please

So I can’t wait to see what Wesley comes up with in this new series. I mean, picture this: widowed black psychic protagonist solving murders. If you're familiar with Wesley's work at all, then you know something twisted has got to be up. And one thing Wesley shines at is applying a touch of spooky hoodoo to her stories. Even in just its language alone. Which is why I love her work.

And I trusttttttt (Lord, I TRUST) she’ll deliver a high hoodoo edge away from the candy-coated "coarseness" I’ve seen too much of lately in cozies. No, for real. We don’t need a lot of dogs and cats. Nor a lot of baked goods and tea breaks, chile. Nor “mommy” “daddy” “uncle” “aunt” tags. And please let's not go overboard with the "Betsy Johnson" character storming on stage to take over the show to have a limelight moment or five. Please don’t do it. We need your usual edge, Mrs. Wesley. We need your usual shock and edge.

Come though A Glimmer of Death. Come through!

"Wesley.  I need you, girl.  It's been hard out here."

I crack myself up…

Anyway, I’ve got one more book I’m trying to swallow before the end of the week. I’m keeping myself in line with my 2021 shelf reading goal. Then it is on and popping with Wesley’s new book. Give me about… mmmmm… this weekend… and an extra large pizza.

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