Friday, July 2, 2021

#FridayReads Features the New Tracy Clark Mystery, Runner

Welllllllll, Tracy Clark's fourth Chicago P.I. Mystery called Runner, featuring our sister Cass Raines, is officially OUT. When I write OUT, I mean OUT! As in me walking out of work for the weekend so I can sit down somewhere (I honestly hope it rains so I can order out as well) and read it over the weekend. This is a series I look forward to for a new release each year, and so far we're in year four with a hopeful five down the slide.

Seriously, I want this series to be one of those long-running private-eye series where long into the future I can profess how I was a DAY ONE reader. Corny notions, but it's how I feel.

Evidently, Runner is going to be one of those winter-based chilly kinds of mysteries.

Or, at least according to the blurb, it's going to be winter in Chicago. Nevertheless, a fifteen-year-old girl has gone missing from her foster home, and her newly recovered addict biological mother taps on our resident P.I., Cass Raines, to find her. Also, following the blub, the fifteen-year-old girl doesn't want to be located, and Cass's search slowly reveals the mystery as to why. Oooooo, I hope it's a good secret. After reading The Spy Who Came in from the Cold by John Le Carre, I want to read another mystery that is willing to slap my other cheek as that book did.

Anyway, here's to me walking out of work (courtesy of Stephanie Mills) Friday morning and on into the weekend without a care in the world other than getting to some more Tracy Clark and probably a Terry's Pizza with a mug of coffee on the side.

Totally random, but I think Clark is due for a green-themed color feature on the fifth book's cover.

Because there will be a fifth book.

Because I said so, Kensington Publishing Corp.

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