Sunday, November 5, 2023

My Favorite Bookmarks I Own

Man, I love bookmarks. But, at the same time, know I can't own (nor necessarily use) all that I come across. Regardless, the last thing I do when I go to a bookstore is look through the bookmarks. Shoot!, sometimes I be knocking them all over the floor trying to find one I like. Overtime I've collected more than a much needed few. And these are my favorite bookmarks I alternate with--per whatever book I'm reading at the time. 

Sometimes I kind of place a book's theme with an adjacent bookmark. Like if I'm reading fantasy with a young woman in lead, I'll use my Alice in Wonderland bookmark. Or say I'm reading a mystery; Buffy's my go-to. It's not a strict kind of thing, but just something fun I like to do.

It's clear that I'm a Golden Girls fan. As for my Jacob bookmark from the Twilight series, clearly it's been around for a longggggg time.

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