Monday, January 26, 2015

Chronicling Robb

I know, I know. Enough with the J. D. Robb already. Even so, I’m feeling good as I semi-chronicle my return to the series, so bright and early within the year. And in doing so, I have to share that I finally got the two latest releases.  Concealed in Death (Book #38) and Festive in Death (Book #39) just arrived in the mail! 

Concealed is about the skeletal remains of twelve, hidden in the walls of an old building. A building that once was a homeless shelter for teens. Festive in Death is about a narcissistic personal trainer who finds himself stabbed by one of his many adoring women.  Eve has to put aside her dislike of said trainer in order to do her job and catch his killer.

I can say that both seem like a romping good time. But you just never know, really. Especially with In Death books. Nonetheless, I'm excited for two more Eve Dallas cases before Obsession is released on February 10th (just in time for my birthday). After then, I'll have to leave this series along until book #41, Devotion in Death, is released on September 1st.

So here’s to more progress in one of my favorite series. Though–as mentioned in my last post–they sometimes get on my nerves.  What relationship doesn't, though?

Be on the lookout for my thoughts.  If you've read Concealed or Festive, please share yours.

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