Monday, January 12, 2015

Dream Maker Stop

What‘s up, folks? Okay, so it’s the New Year and it appears my best friend and I have a tradition of visiting our local metaphysical shop, The Dream Maker, very early in the year.  We get inspired to collect new stuff to get us in the receiving mood. Baring the chilling, negative-something-or-another January air, we arrived just before the shop closed (I need to take pictures of the places on our next visit). I didn't have anything in mind this trip, only that I wanted to get a new pendulum because the one I've had for the past two years is busted from wearing it to work to stave off bad energy. It’s a seven chakra pendulum stacked with colored stones.  And I haven't seen another in the shop since I bought mine.  Nonetheless, on this particular trip, there were plenty to replace it with.  I finally settled on a quartz bottle pendulum with colorful stone pieces inside (chakra stone pieces, perhaps?).  It was either this one or a pendulum of an angel fashioned out of rose quartz.

I also got two word stones. The one carved with “Love” is made of sodalite, and the one carved with “Friends” is made of goldstone. While the goldstone attracted me with its simmering blackness, I picked these two word stones as areas I hope to improve in.  More or less a emblematic gesture to myself.

The last item I got is what’s apparently a little jewel box (or what have you) made of camel bone and brass–with a crushed velvety-like filling. Wanting something unique and different to put the word stones in, I finally decided on this box.

Look for an update by June as we go back to recharge.  If you collect crystals, gems or have a general interest in the metaphysics, please share your experience in the comments.

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