Monday, October 17, 2016

Front-2-Back ~ Library 25 Cent Booksale Buys

I started to not even write about this, but what the hell.  So a week ago–on a nice pre-fall Saturday–my best friend and went to the public library’s 25 cent book sale.  Excitedly, of course.  We had some authors in mind, and felt like this was the perfect opportunity to dig into the shopping fray.  Nonetheless, you know how these sales go; lots of books pulled from the library’s attic, and crammed on a stream of folding tables like a flea market.  Perfect way to spend a Saturday afternoon.  Even so, I walked in with three authors on my mind: Susan Wittig Albert, Nevada Barr, and Rita Mae Brown.  And I lucked out–and then some.  So let me share what I’ve found and why (more or less) I got them.
(I’m not going to talk too much about some of the authors, but will link their websites via their names.)
At the time I went to the sale I was in the middle of reading Doris Mortman’s True Colors.  I haven’t picked up her books in years–after spending the summer of 2011 engrossed in her second novel, First Born.  So when I found a cleaner copy of The Wild Rose at the sale, I grabbed it to replace the unread copy I bought at a thrift store a couple of years ago.  Hard to believe the copy is from the mid-80’s and in such pristine condition.  For 25 cents it was a no-brainer.  As for the copy of Mortman’s Rightfully Mine, it’s a discarded library book in decent condition.  But hey, I was enjoying True Colors so why not another Mortman book to add.  

Mortman writes what I would sum as the literary version of an 80’s mini-series.  Think Deceptions, Voice of the Heart, and Scruples.  Romance, drama, melodrama, family secrets.  You get it.  Oh, and of course stuck-up bitches with loads of money and attitude.  Love it!
Jackie Collins' Hollywood Husbands is finally off my Amazon wish list.  I placed it there immediately after reading Collins’ Hollywood Wives some summers ago.  Never got around to ordering the sequel, Hollywood Husbands.  But when this copy sprang up from the pile of books, I didn’t hesitate.  I’m an on/off Collins reader.  And from that experience, I don’t believe any of her titles I’ve read can top Hollywood Wives.  Here’s to hoping Hollywood Husbands can second it.  (Currently reading it and it’s selling me, but not in a “hot cakes” capacity.)

Ahhh.  Rita Mae Brown’s Hiss of Death.  Another discarded library book.  And discarded because some ass decided to scribble out the word “god” in “goddamn.”  And I get it, but it wasn’t their book to do so.  Especially as a once library book, where others would prefer enjoying the story without someone else’s censorship.  Nonetheless, outside of the bite mark on the cover, it's a solid copy.  Hiss of Death is the 19th book in Brown’s Mrs. Murphy series, and I’m currently about 7 books away from this particular chapter.  So I went on ahead and added it to my stock.  For the future.
Now the biggest treasure and glory to this shopping expedition was finding Nevada Barr’s High Country, as part of her park ranger Anna Pigeon series.  And I’ll let you guys know I made somewhat of a scene at the sale about wanting to find Barr titles that weren’t in my collection. (I read the series over the summer and checked out a couple from the library that I couldn’t find in stores.)  While scanning the stock I announced, not to loudly, that if anyone finds a Nevada Barr book let me know.  A cute little lady with her own box of exciting book finds told me she located one further down the line on the table.  And sure enough I looked and there was High Country.  It’s in one of those slightly annoying book club editions, but a find is a find.  

But that aside, High Country is without a doubt one of my top 5 favorite Anna Pigeon stories.  So now I have a personal copy in my collection.  Now if only I could find the remaining two that I need (#17 The Rope and #19 Boar Island), I would be good on Pigeon.  But yes, High Country in hardback was an exciting find.  And for 25 cent.
Well, that’s it.  Success all around.  While I walked out with five books, my friend walked out with about 9 books.  We were like squirrels stocking up for the winter months.  Long nights.  Lots of reading. 
If you’re familiar with any of these authors, drop me a comment below.  Especially Mortman readers.  I have yet to connect with anyone who has read her stuff.  And also, share with me any of your lucky library sale finds!

I’m leaving this post with the author photos.  Mainly because until this day I have yet to find an author photo who can top Jackie Collins.  Especially from the books in her catalog of 80’s reads.  She really has a way of making you feel the scandal and energy behind her “Hollywood” books.
And of course the cat is close in the running!

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