Sunday, October 30, 2016

My Images Disappeared...? FIXED!

Been listening to a lot of Lady Gaga’s new album, Joanne, and watching a hell of a lot of Kitchen Nightmares lately.  And that’s exactly how I’ve managed to reconstructed all the blog posts.  No, every single one of them.  Post after post from my WordPress back up.  At least until anything beyond April 2016, when I lasted updated there.  Nonetheless, the crisis of lost images (though some I couldn't recover) is over with.  I've saved the blog.


I had to re-take images from scratch from May 2016 up until now (lost and better resolution reasons).  Or at least before I last converted Blogger to the WordPress backup.  The good news is I found scribbles of those images in other online cloud folders (including on Canva).  So it wasn't all that hard to reconstruct each posts.  It also helps to have a good memory.
Anyway, it feels like I’ve been fighting to pull this together.  Yet, going through the past three years of post after post, made me truly appreciate the work it takes to upkeep a blog of any sort.  I mean, this recovery mission showed how much I've busted my ass these past 3 1/2 years.  Even in times where I felt like no one was hearing me, so I might as well give it all up.  But when you lose something special, and are forced to recover it, the situation really falls into perspective.  You begin to think of what life was like before, and what drove you to create.  You begin to think about what has changed since.  And, most of all, what opportunities your drive and commitment will eventually open up for you.  


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