Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Current & Future BWMW Series Reading Plans

Sooooooo. I spent the first week of August polishing off Barbara Neely Blanche White series, as well as Nora DeLoach’s Mama series. The second and third week I finished Chassie West’s Leigh Ann Warren series. But, also, the grande dame Eleanor Taylor Bland’s, Marti MacAlister series. All four mentioned were series I’ve been reading featured entries for the past seven to eight years. And, well, they’re some of the founding voices in this whole area of mystery reading.

Down the line I have Charlotte Carter’s jazzy Nanette Hayes series to finished. Years ago I ended up reading the second book in the series, Coq au Vin, thinking it was the first book. And, well, now I have the proper first book, Rhode Island Red, and the third and final book, Drumsticks, available for later consumption.

There's also a fourth book, but evidently it never got published. BOO! Anyway, it's been a long time since I read a book featuring musician/amateur sleuth Nanette Hayes book. Color my ass excited to revisit this lady.

Click HERE for my written thoughts on Carter's Coq au Vin.

Polishing off Nikki Baker’s work is on my future reading list as well. Her series features our lesbian sleuth, Virginia Kelly. I can't say I found myself wow'ed by the first book the series, In the Game. Still, I'm anticipating some stronger entries down the pipe in this four-book series. But all that is going to have to wait.

Click HERE for my written thoughts on Baker's In the Game.

NOW. I’m going for the newer stuff this last week of August. Maybe on into September, unless I buckle down.

With that said, Borrowed Time is the second book in Tracy Clark’s PI Cass Raines series. I’m already a little over 100 pages into the book and enjoying myself. There’s a certain confidence and assuredness in Clark’s character’s voice that makes the story glow.

Last, I’m reading Faye Snowden’s new release A Killing Fire. I had to get my own copy of the book in hardback. I’m excited to read this book, featuring homicide Detective Raven Burn. I’m suspecting it’s going to be dark book. And, well, I love my bit of darkness.

Anyway, I have to go eat lunch. Catch up on The Passage (I’m late, then again I don’t watch TV much), and read… Oh, and edit some review videos.

Yeah. THAT part.

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