Wednesday, August 14, 2019

{What This Chile's Been Reading} Sisters in Crime Situation

Hel-looo-oooooooo.  What's up, y'all?  What is everyone over yonder reading?  Trust you're all doing well out there in this heat.

All right...
Books/Authors Mentioned (links are all Amazon affiliate)...

A bit of blog postie on my little reading "project" at Comic Towel 

Most of you guys are familiar with these ladies, but for those in the back...

1.  Barbara Neely's Blanche White series  
2.  Nora DeLoach's Mama series 
3.  Chassie West's Leigh Ann Warren series
4.  Eleanor Taylor Bland's Marti MacAlister series 
5.  Rachel Howzell Hall's Detective Elouise Norton series 

A Light (Spotlight) on author Faye Snowden's book, A Killing Fire.

"As a child forced to witness her father’s crimes, homicide Detective Raven Burns dedicates every waking moment to proving that she is not her father’s child. But when she shoots a suspect who has what turns out to be an unloaded weapon, Raven finds that she must confront both the demons of her past and the stains on her soul in order to stop a killer."

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