Tuesday, December 31, 2019

End-of-the-Year Goodies & THANGS

Went to Nashville with my cousin this past weekend.  Needless to say, I messed around and ran across the best shrimp Alfredo IN MY LIFE (so far)!  OMG.  Pasta.  Cheese.  Alfredo.  Bread.  Grilled shrimp.  ALL ON POINT!  Same went for the lobster bites and crab cakes.  Chile.  Chile.  Chile-chile-chile.  The place was called Boston Commons, located in Nashville's 5-Points area (my moving spirit considered transporting to the area in 2020).  

Anyway, I love eating out with my cousin because she's a foodie like me.  Her and I love, adore and appreciate food.  Shoot, we should've been food critics.  We have similar tastes and can tell you when some ish ain't right in a dish.  Plus, she's fun to go out to eat with because she likes to spend money trying new places and dishes.  See, I can't stand going out to eat with someone who is petrified of the menu.  Or scared to crack into his or her wallet to try something new.

Speaking of which, this same cousin got me this Yeti mic for a Christmas present.  I was surprised and thrown because I've always wanted one, but have yet to invest in one because I've caught the "saving money" spirit.  So this was one of those true surprises.  She said it's for my YouTube Channel and stuff.  That's makes her probably the only person who has invested in my channel's equipment right behind myself.  

My other cousin loaded $100 on a Best Buy gift card toward the purchase of a new laptop.  This, effectively, makes her another top tier investor in my platform.  LOL.  Lord knows I need a new laptop.  This thing I'm writing this on now has seen some WAY better days.  Hell, it's on its last days.  Anyway, this is an amazing gift.  I feel so blessed.  That's family right there.

And last, it's true when they say Mama knows best.  Mines got me two gift cards for my two favorite bookstores.  I could cry.  These cards are the note to create a hit with me.  It's interesting because as much as I love to read, my mama is the only one who has ever gotten me gift cards to Books-A-Million and Barnes & Noble.  That's love right there.  Then again, your parents will go out of their way for you.

Anyway, I got to get ready for work.  Just sharing these here on New Year's Eve.  I'll be counting medication, but getting paid double time for the holiday.  And that's that laptop paycheck RIGHT THERE!  Just the way I like it.

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